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How Do I Stop Gmail from Blocking Attachments?

If you wish to attach any file and you are unable to attach files in Gmail using chrome, then you have landed up in the right place. I shall be listing out a few feasible options for you, make sure you understand the steps so that you don’t face any problem while accessing the service. Now start by signing into the Gmail account and hit on the gear button which is located in the topmost right corner under the mail settings option. Hit on the attachment tab which is in the general section and kindly select the “basic attachment feature” and having done this you are good to go.

You must know that you can also send large files be it photos or any other type of document . Whereas it is simply advisable to use google drive for sending out large files which exceed the size limit. Move to Gmail and hit on the compose option after you are done selecting whichever file you would want to attach. If you miss out on any step then the Gmail attachment will more likely fail. Make sure you enter the Gmail attachment settings in a righteous way. Make sure you follow each guideline carefully and don’t miss out on anything. In case you feel any problem then feel free to reach us anytime

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