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Creating Yahoo My Homepage On My Computer

Yahoo is one of the best sites to use online for all kinds of stuff be it a movie buff or a sports enthusiast. They have a service for the basic needs of people. So, if you are not using this, get on the Yahoo train and start utilizing your time in a better way. But getting to the Yahoo services might be a troublesome issue for some and that is why we want a solution to get access to it. You can even set a homepage of your own choice of any browser you are using on the computer. If you want to make Yahoo homepage on your browser, you are definitely on the right page. 

Why make Yahoo my homepage?

If you have your own Yahoo account and you use many services, it is quite easy to set Yahoo as your homepage. It helps you to easily access the search engine, news headline, emails, and many other Yahoo services right at your fingertips. You can get all the latest information about sports, entertainment, sports, and many more with just a single click. So you do not have to look for this information on various websites which are available on the internet. And that is why we have decided to write this article to help in setting up this as your homepage on web browsers. 

Create Yahoo my homepage on the computer?

  • Open google chrome, click on the three dots from the top right corner of the window and click on settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to the Appearance section and select the ‘show home button’ option.
  • Go to the ‘open a specific page’ option.
  • Click on the ‘enter the custom web address and enter in the text box and save it.
  • And you are done. 

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