How Do I Connect my Yahoo email to Outlook 365?

Setting and connecting your Yahoo email account on different email clients like Outlook is a very tedious task to perform as there are several complex settings that we have to undergo to get things in place and get the email in right working. We have to do mail server settings to set up yahoo mail in outlook 365 or any other version, the process for all of them is more or less the same. Through the means of this short article, you will get to know the mail server settings and the process to do that.

Settings Up Yahoo in Outlook

Here is the process that will take you through the steps of connecting Yahoo with Outlook which will not only set up Yahoo in Outlook but also solve your problem of outlook not syncing with yahoo mail. By performing these settings properly, you will not face any problem in sending or receiving emails or any other service.

  1. Launch your Outlook 365 software on the desktop.
  2. After opening, go to the files and click on the button to “Add Account”.
  3. Thereafter you will see a window where you have to check the option labelled as “Manually Configure server settings”.
  4. Tap on the “Next” button to open a new window to set up yahoo mail in outlook 365.
  5. Select the option “Inter Email” and then, further click the “Next” button.
  6. A window with several fields will appear, where you have to enter your name, Yahoo email address, and password to that email.
  7. In that window only, fill in the following information:
    1. Account Type: IMAP
    2. Incoming Mail Server:
    3. Outgoing Mail Server:
    4. Fill in your login information for your Yahoo email account
  8. In the next tab, named “Outgoing Server”, check the option of “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication and also click the option of using the same settings as an incoming mail server and click “OK”.
  9. Then go to the advanced tab, where you will see several fields in which you have to enter the following information:
    1. Incoming Server Port Number (IMAP): 993
    2. Outgoing Server Port Number: 587
    3. Encrypted Connection: SSL
    4. Make sure to check the option of “Leave a copy of the message on the server”.
  10. At last, click on the button “OK”, then “Next” and lastly, “Finish”.

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